Old School is Cool


Baseball season is finally here! This winter felt especially long thanks to the World Baseball Classic and extended Spring Training (congratulations to Japan for winning a second championship, by the way), but the snow has melted, America is warming up (I didn’t forget you either Toronto!), and our pastime is back. Note: out here in San Diego, we didn’t actually need to wait for snow to melt. However, I am a New Yorker through and through, so I feel your pain.

Over here at Upper Deck, we’re celebrating the new season with the release of 2009 Goudey Baseball on April 28th. There are a lot of cool inserts in this set, but being a baseball geek I have to say this probably excites me the most:


As much as I’d like to say Upper Deck was printing these back in the 1930s, it just wouldn’t be true. What we’re actually doing here is buying these classic cards back, and putting them into 2009 Goudey Baseball Cards! For an extra twist, you’ll find autographed cards as well.

Think of it this way: about 80 years ago (give or take), a kid opened this Frank Frisch for the first time. The kid kept the card, I’m sure it was traded to his friend, put into storage, and so on until we purchased it. And now, the exact same card is out there again, waiting to be opened in a 2009 pack. Talk about a long journey.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Frisch was no slouch when it came to baseball. The infielder was a key part of the legendary early 1920s New York Giants, who won the National League pennant four years in a row (1921-1924), not to mention winning back-to-back World Series in ’21 and ’22. Among other accomplishments with that team, Frisch led the NL in hits with 223 in 1923. He was traded to the Cardinals in 1927, winning four more pennants, two more World Series titles, and a NL MVP award in 1931. Appropriately, his plaque hangs in Cooperstown.


And now, you can open his classic baseball card fresh from a pack all over again, generations later. That’s what I call history…

Later this week: we zoom back to the future! 2009 Goudey Baseball also features rare autograph inserts featuring a certain famous golfer.

Click here to find a store near you, and pick up 2009 Goudey Baseball on April 28th!

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