Nick Adenhart: 1986-2009


Last night, I was watching a great game between the Angels and A’s, and I was telling my fiance all about this Adenhart kid who got the start. Top Angels prospect, good guy, finally getting his chance in the rotation where he’d probably stick for good (I had actually read about him in Baseball Prospectus 2009 a few days prior where they really talked up his potential, so the name was fresh in my mind).

And he delivered, throwing six innings of shutout baseball at the age of 22. Against an A’s lineup that featured veterans like Jason Giambi, Orlando Cabrera and Eric Chavez. Remarkable feat. In two bases loaded jams that would have intimidated most pitchers with his young age and limited big league experience, he kept his composure, and kept the scoreless performance going.

Tragically, only a few hours after that great start, Adenhart was killed in a hit-and-run accident, when a motorist ran a red light. Two others were killed, and another was seriously injured.

Such a sad story for a young athlete who showed maturity and composure far beyond his years. Following a poor big league debut last year, Adenhart was quick to point out that he was more disappointed in letting down his teammates, managers and coaches than anything else. When he got another opportunity yesterday, he made them proud.

My deepest sympathies go out to the Adenhart family, he was taken from them (and us) far too soon. Not much else can be said.



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